September 19, 2020
Art was once scribbles on cave walls and, now, it’s beautifully mastered pottery or splendid splashes of paint upon a canvas. It’s a medium that has grown incredibly since the first art forms were discovered -- or assumed -- and it’s not flexibly interpreted to include so many ideas, items, objects both inanimate and animated. For art supporters such as Baryn Futa, art in these many mediums is worth preserving at all levels, from the high school classroom where budding artists are simply students sketching on paper to the fine arts and popular museums stretching from New York to Paris. As an art benefactor, Baryn Futa has supported artists and museums alike toward their own success, helping them thrive through recession and shortfalls to emerge on the other side in their chosen profession. Baryn Futa appreciates the arts, as many do, and goes the extra mile to keep this long-loved expressive aspect of society alive for others to appreciate as well.
June 17, 2020
Most people understand that art and art appreciation are key elements of every human society. Despite this, however, they are too often taken for granted and not appreciated as a priority. Baryn Futa hopes to change all of that with his support of the fine arts, as someone who is a benefactor, as well as someone who simply appreciates the finer things in life.

Baryn Futa believes that brilliant artists are simply not appreciated enough to thrive and he hopes to change that. He feels that support for the arts is a great cause that benefits all of society; it is only a secondary benefit that it is also a profitable and useful investment. He is trying to learn everything he can about the arts, so that he can improve the situation. He started his own art collection, which has grown to be very extensive and impressive and he loans his art to museums, in order to increase awareness of the arts.

Baryn Futa wants as many people as possible to understand that the arts are a large part of how we define a culture and that they are a cultural touchstone between our generation and those in the future. If more people can appreciate the arts the way he does, we will all be better off.
March 23, 2020
As the arts continue to diminish across society as a result of lacking funds and decreased attention within education, many people have stepped forward to back arts programs, galleries and individual artists. They have put their money and their hearts into ensuring these endeavors continue around the world. One such person is Baryn Futa, an established arts benefactor who puts efforts toward supporting the high arts, artists and the museums that display such stunning works.

Following in Futa’s footsteps and becoming a supporter is easy. First and foremost, the arts struggle financially. You can make a donation directly to a beloved gallery, program or artist. But there are other ways to support the arts without distributing dollars. You can speak to legislators wherever you may be; you can discuss at the local, state and even federal level how important the arts are to community and creativity then strive for change and funding from the government. You can also work with experienced advocates in banding together to cultivate change and widespread community support for outstanding exhibitions and artists within your area. Sometimes, the hardest part of supporting the arts is actually making moves to do so, but you can quickly become a benefactor and ardent supporter like Baryn Futa if you make small strides just one at a time toward bigger change.