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Baryn Futa stays supportive in the arts

September 19, 2020

Art was once scribbles on cave walls and, now, it’s beautifully mastered pottery or splendid splashes of paint upon a canvas. It’s a medium that has grown incredibly since the first art forms were discovered -- or assumed -- and it’s not flexibly interpreted to include so many ideas, items, objects both inanimate and animated. For art supporters such as Baryn Futa, art in these many mediums is worth preserving at all levels, from the high school classroom where budding artists are simply students sketching on paper to the fine arts and popular museums stretching from New York to Paris. As an art benefactor, Baryn Futa has supported artists and museums alike toward their own success, helping them thrive through recession and shortfalls to emerge on the other side in their chosen profession. Baryn Futa appreciates the arts, as many do, and goes the extra mile to keep this long-loved expressive aspect of society alive for others to appreciate as well.